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Agra Central Jail: A synopsis of the exploitation that bred art
4 Oct 2022

During the beginning of the 19th Century, beautiful handmade rugs started to be exported from British-occupied India. Inmates in Indian Jails were being used as forced labor at the time. When the British recognized their ability to produce incredible handicrafts through woven rugs. It was a clear profitable business prospect and an added opportunity to exploit free labor.

Methods to Install a Carpet
2 Mar 2022

Generally, there are four main types of installations which are suitable installing a carpet. It all depends on the type of carpet you are using. Are you using an underlay? Is it a domestic installation or commercial installation? Read more to find out...

Insigne joins hands with Uncharted
2 Mar 2022

Uncharted, producer of luxury interiors today announced a partnership with Insigne Carpets. Insigne is a leading carpet and rug manufacturer. We aim to provide a comprehensive 'total solutions' approach. Our clients in the aviation, marine, hospitality, commercial and residential sectors will reap the benefits our partnership.

The History of Carpet
22 May 2020

The evolution of carpeting has been affected by social, economical and fashion pressures. Developments in man-made fibres, loom widths and machine efficiencies brought carpets within reach of the mass market. Fashions for seamless square and then seamless close-cover carpet helped introduce wider looms. Investigation into thermal and acoustical requirements led to fitted carpets in public buildings, shops and offices.

Solution to your carpeting needs during a global pandemic and an economic crisis
9 May 2020

-A road map for user-centric solutions from design to execution. The world is hitting its Pause and Reset button. Businesses all across are restructuring their game plan. International travel bans and reduced domestic travel might be the new normal for the coming few months. This means, airlines, hospitality and entertainment sectors are taking the biggest hit.

You say Pure Wool, but which kind?
17 Apr 2020

The world is a woven basket. Every stitch counts but the major question is the quality of fibre. You say you want Pure Wool in your carpet, but what kind? Merino? NZ Romney? English Leicester? We resource the best raw fibre available on Earth and use it to make our yarn under stringent quality check. Not every yarn is suitable for every type of production, we produce our own yarn to suit different qualities.

Once upon a time in Babylon
17 Apr 2020

Once upon a time in Babylon, roughly 2500 years ago, tribesmen weaved carpets to protect themselves from damp and cold. No one knows when carpet weaving transformed from utility to art. When Cyrus the Great conquered Babylon in 539 BC, he was awestruck with the splendor of these carpets and he brought the craft to Persia. Gradually as centuries passed by, this craft grew more refined with rich, intricate designs and exquisite tapestries.

Planning is Crucial
17 Apr 2020

Planning is crucial. From full scale projects to small mock ups, doesn't matter if they have different colors or design, we can make it in one production run! Insigne makes transition from Carpet to Stone as easy as it sounds. For a flawless installation, minor details such as floor finish level and trim details are vital. Our Planning & Estimation team saves wastage where ever possible!

Lurex is timeless
17 Apr 2020

From ancient Royal clothing to today's Carpet, Lurex has remained timeless. Insigne brings you more than 12 different color options of high graded Lurex from Tokyo, Japan. Come, add some bling to your carpet!

Machines replacing human hands?
16 Apr 2020

Are machines replacing human hands? Let us weight the pros and cons of Hand Tufted carpets versus RoboTuft carpets. RoboTuft gives you the fastest possible lead-time with human error free production. RoboTuft helps reduce the cost of a carpet. It yields a higher density carpet which can be made on a maximum loom width of fourteen feet. May it be high pile, low pile or cut or loop, RoboTuft can do it all!

Reaching Work to Human Hands
27 Dec 2019

The handicraft industry of India came into existence long before the industrial industry and gained popularity at a very early stage due to its potential in developing our country. Being situated in mainly rural areas, this industry has played an important role in rural employment and has even been a great source of foreign earnings contributing to the growth of our economy.

Advantages of carpet over hard flooring
4 Dec 2019

Due to the fact that there are several key elements that are paramount in the selection and success of any floor covering used we have to take into consideration the needs and requirements of the key stake holders involved including the owner, specifier, designer, management and general public.