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Reaching Work to Human Hands

27 Dec 2019
 The handicraft industry of India came into existence long before the Industrial Revolution and gained popularity at a very early stage due to its potential in developing our country. Being situated in mainly rural areas, this industry has played an important role in rural employment and has even been a great source of foreign earnings contributing to the growth of our economy.

A country can only prosper when the nation grows as a whole and this industry has made that possible by recognising women and the weaker section of our society as its not only a highly labour-intensive industry but even one that is very creative.

Even though this industry is massive and has several sectors contributing to the above, one of the most recognised sector remains to be the carpet industry. The reason it deserves a special mention is that other than providing direct employment and a source of livelihood to millions, this industry provides its workers worldwide recognition through their elegant designs and vibrant craftsmanship and tremendous growth opportunities. Also being the only sector in rural India that is almost 100% export-oriented, this industry accelerates the growth and development of our economy.

For the past years, Insigne has provided employment opportunities to over 400 people and has contributed tremendously to the handicraft industry by providing exposure, experience and a network all across the globe. We have even generated a great source of income by promoting luxury and affordability in Asia and serve as one of the leading companies in the carpet industry.

“Making a carpet is every mills' task. Understanding a carpet for a discrete project is not everyone’s cup of tea” – and this is what makes Insigne Carpets different from the others.

On receiving an enquiry from a client, the designers start with the digital artwork. Then this is sent for approval and once the order is confirmed, work starts for the rest of the team. The information is forwarded to the mill and they measure out the yarn quantity required, then the dyeing team handles the colour matching process which requires a lot of skill and human expertise.

Once coloured and dried, the yarn is spun to the pools by a different team and finally it makes way to the tufting station. While this process is on, the artists start work on drawing the design on butter paper manually followed by a group of people needle punching the same for tracing.

A bunch of skilled workers are then required for the actual tufting. Once this is over, the carpet is given latex along with the secondary backing to increase its durability and a newar is taped to the sides of the entire carpet but work doesn’t end here. A group of specialised workers step in to shear the carpet with scissors as demanded. It is only after this stage that the inspection team inspects the carpet, checks on the quality and colour and approves its dispatch.
Finally, the carpet is packed by a separate team and sent to the customer. We look forward to contributing to the carpet industry by better training the tufters along with little integrations of technology to this wonderful handicraft.

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