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our approach


Our Design Studio is fortunate to have highly experienced designers serving the design community for more than 15 years following simple philosophy “Subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful”. We follow a complicated way and a keep a critical views to make it simple. In our Studio Every Pixel Counts.


We understand the importance of Proto-type or Hand Trial before final production. We encourage the practice of Sign Off from Designer before Final Production Run follows. This Process also helps us to do our R&D on aesthetic vs foot traffic. We understand the requirement of Third Party Lab Testing on samples to get compliance correct.

Planning & Estimation

Dimension without Design and Design without Dimension is meaningless. It is important that they work on the same page. We are enriched with Talented Auto Cad Designer to act as our planner to achieve the most sensible way to Reduce wastage reduce seaming. We do Planning for Installation way before Production, Flood In to check flawless seaming to avoid surprice at site. Check and Balance with designers on Limitation and Possibility is the key focus of our Planner.


Every Production in our Mill goes through Critical scrutiny of Production files, Required time-line and quality Parameter . We have our In-house Lab to do Q C before despatch.

Quality Check

On a standard practice we check Raw Material before Production and Finished Product before Despatch. We respect BS, EU, ASTM all standards and believe in Re-use, Re-cycle, Re-new. Assurance on GBCA, CRI Green Level Plus, NSF 140, NFPA Life Safety or BFL S1


Our Shipping Department helps to Pre-plan Transportation way before production be it Ocean, Air or Surface. We understand different documentation need for each part of the Globe. We continuously keep a track on Black Listed Shipping Line to avoid trouble at Port of Destination.


We support every project with Roll marking on Installation Plan. We provide Clear installation drawing with Shop Drawing. We also provide Guidance on Tools and Material. We are always Careful about VOC on adhesive and other materials used at site.

after sale services

Every despatch goes with a Maintenance Manual and our 24 x 7 online support for a quick tips.