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Maintainance Guideline

The correct way to remove spillages from Carpet

Spillages are more easily removed if tackled immediately. Use a blotting/dabbing action or even better if available, a wet suction vacuum cleaner.

Useful items to keep in stock for emergency use are:

  • Propriety shampoo solution such as VAX 3 in 1 suitable for use on wool rich carpets, available from most Supermarkets.
  • Stain removing trigger spray such as 1001
  • Stain removing spray for grease or oil spots, available from Chemists.
Coffee & Tea, Fruit Juice, Red wine Port, Sherry, Blood.

Soak up as much liquid as possible with absorbent tissue, then dab the area with a clean white cloth, moistened in a solution of diluted carpet shampoo and warm water or stain removing spray. Blot with paper towels or clean white cloth or vacuum thoroughly using a wet suction vacuum cleaner. Repeat as required, be patient and persistent. Finally, dab with just warm water only, applied from a clean cloth and, in the same way as before, blot or suck up all remaining moisture until dry. Carefully brush the area in the direction of the pile.


Treat as for coffee, tea & fruit juice. An additional application of an oil/grease spot remover will remove any remaining grease. Finally, blot up or wet vacuum all remaining moisture, leave until dry and carefully brush the area in the direction of the pile.


With a blunt knife or spatula, remove as much solid material as possible. Blot up the residue and treat with a oil/grease spot remover, blotting frequently with absorbent cloth.


Scrape up the solids carefully with a blunt knife, then treat the stain with a propriety brand of tar remover, following the instructions carefully.


Treat as for coffee tea or fruit juice adding 1 egg cup of white vinegar to 1 pint of shampoo solution

Paint (oil based)

Blot excess spillage with absorbent tissue, then clean with a cloth moistened with white spirit. Be careful not to rub the pile or apply too much white spirit. Once the paint is removed dab the area with diluted carpet shampoo on a clean, white cloth, blot or wet vacuum then follow with an application of clean water. Blot or wet vacuum and leave until dry. Finally brush the affected area in the direction of the pile.


For liquid ink follow the instructions for coffee tea and fruit juice removal. For ball point ink, moisten with a clean cloth and non coloured methylated spirits, blot carefully and when dry brush the affected area in the direction of the pile.

Shoe Polish

Carefully scrape up the solid and clean gently with a dry cleaning fluid. Then use a clean, white cloth, moistened with diluted shampoo to rinse the area, blotting with a clean dry cloth or wet vacuum. Allow to dry thoroughly and brush the area in the direction of the pile.

Chewing Gum

Freeze the gum with a propriety freezing agent, break up when frozen and remove. For persistent or very large stains it is always advisable to consult a professional carpet cleaner. This advice is offered as a service to Customers as guidelines only and we will not be liable for loss or damage or injury arising out of any action taken based on this advice.