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Methods to Install a Carpet

2 Mar 2022
Generally, there are four main types of installations which are suitable installing a carpet.

Keep the following things in mind before installing your carpet:
  1. The floor surface must be clean, smooth, dry and structurally sound.
  2. Uneven concrete floors should be screeded. They should be neither un-structural nor loose and powdery.
  3. Concrete floors laid direct to the ground should incorporate a damp proof membrane.
  4. It is not recommended to use adhesive on wooden floors.

1. Traditional Stretch/Stretch Fit

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This method is applicable with an underlay is used along with the carpet. This method is used in both domestic and commercial installations for Low Traffic Area.

First, Grippers are attached around the perimeter of the area to be carpeted. A gripper is a wooden strip with two or three rows of pins. Then, Underlay is placed by applying adhesive and placed wall to wall just keeping the gripper visible. Then the carpet is installed by stretching it over the grippers by using Knee Kicker or at times Power Stretcher. Finally, Heat Bond Tape; is used to join any seams.

2. Double Stick

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This method is used in commercial installations. They are very well suited to large open areas, especially where there is heavy or wheeled traffic; This method provides more cushioning and sound proofing which is required for hotels.

First, a heavy underlay is stuck on the sub-floor using a permanent adhesive. Then, a wet adhesive which is also called Tackifier is placed on the top of the underlay. The carpet can now be rolled out on top. Wrinkles and bubbles get smoothed out then the carpet is cut at the edges and installed.

3. Direct Adhesive

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In this method, an underlay is not required, although, sacrifices have to be made for comfort and durability.

Permanent adhesive is rolled on the sub-floor and the carpet is directly stuck on to the floor. It makes a fitted bond.

A layer of paper can be added between the sub-floor and the carpet for easy of carpet replacement in the future.

4. Carpet Tiles

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These carpets are the easiest to install. They can be loose laid or have the sub-floor treated with a Tackifier which will support the tiles.

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