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You say Pure Wool, but which kind?

17 Apr 2020

You say Pure Wool, but which kind?

Merino? Fibre Diameter 15-24 microns, Staple Length 65-100 mm, Fleece Weight 3-6 kg. NZ Romney? Fibre Diameter 37-40 microns, Staple Length 150-200 mm, Fleece Weight 6-7.5 kg. English Leicester? Fibre Diameter 33-39 microns, Staple Length 125-175 mm, Fleece Weight 4.5-6.5 kg.

We resource the best raw fibre available on Earth and use it to make our yarn under stringent quality check.

Every Yarn is not suitable for every type of production, we produce our own yarn to suit different qualities.

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