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Solution to your carpeting needs during a global pandemic and an economic crisis

9 May 2020
The world is hitting its Pause and Reset button. Businesses all across are restructuring their game plan. International travel bans and reduced domestic travel might be the new normal for the coming few months. This means, airlines, hospitality and entertainment sectors are taking the biggest hit.

Businesses are now forced to cut down their budget, some are resorting to pay cuts. This has resulted in an all time highest unemployment rate and the global GDP is in turmoil.

The Carpet industry is facing the heat since a carpet is considered as a capital expenditure. It’s marginalisation makes immediate, adaptable, economical solutions inevitable for survival. Insigne Carpets is formulating its own transformation strategy. Our aim is to provide maximum area coverage within a minimised budget, while at the same time, upholding the resemblance and texture. Our product R&D team is working behind the curtains to provide practical and economical solutions. This of course, without compromising our quality standards. We believe the solution is to convert the most popular construction into another without compromising the aesthetics. It will curtail the cost significantly, especially for the hospitality sector. The Global market needs an immediate quick-fix, but we must not forget to be far sighted in our solutions. It is in our best interest to understand what the end user needs and a few processes before and during production must be set to action right at the outset, such as:

• Work in tandem with the Interior Designer of the project to ensure that the carpet color palette does not exceed 12 colours. This reduces extra add-ons which consequently leads to a great discount against total quality.
• Meticulous Planning & Estimation to reduce wastage. Money saved is money earned.
• Convert carpet specification of a project to a reasonable one keeping the aesthetic beauty same as expected.
• More efficient logistics and planning will be required to reduce cost.
• Optimisation and prioritisation of pre production processes at the mill for an efficient lead time.
• Strategise dispatch schedules to curtail site warehousing charges.

Keeping the benefit of the end user in mind, we are striving to make a difference. A simple solution can act as a keystone to create a global survival system for our industry during and beyond these challenging days. 

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